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Author and cryptology enthusiast Bob Reynard takes you across the globe and through the centuries to discover the methods used by kings, generals, and presidents to “safeguard” their countries’ secrets. Bob enjoys hearing from his readers. Send him a note by e-mail:

Here are links to other cryptography Websites that you might find interesting:

  • The Crypto Drop Box –The
    American Cryptogram Association Website. 
  • NSA Museum Tour – Highlights
    of the National Cryptologic Museum. 
  • NSA Puzzle Solvers at
    Cryptic Manor for Kids
    – Highlights of the National Cryptologic
  • Bletchley Park, England
    Museum at Headquarters of British Codebreakers in World War II. 
  • Codebreaking in World
    War II
    – How the Poles and the British broke the German secret codes. 
  • CrypTool  – The Website of the
    Cryptool Project to increase knowledge and awareness about IT security
    and especially cryptography. It contains a free download of  a cryptanalyst’s
  • Frode Weierud – The Cryptography
    page of the Norwegian expert on the Enigma cipher machine. 
  • Tony Sale’s Codes
    and Ciphers
    – Tony Sale, the original curator of the Bletchley Park
    Museum describes the operation of the Enigma cipher machine. 
  • David Hamer’s – A Few
    Aspects of Cryptology
    – The Website of cipher machine computer simulators. 
  • Peter Conrad – Website (in German)
    of the programmer who wrote the Secret Code Breaker – Keyword Cipher Cracker
  • David Youd – Website
    of Cryptography Book Reviews. 
  • Dr. Dorothy E. Denning – A professor in the Department of Defense Analysis at the Naval Postgraduate School. Here is a list of her publications and articles as of 2002, including PDF downloads about encryption and crime in cyberspace.