Much of the information in the Secret Code Breaker series comes from “The Codebreakers”, the authoritive work by David Kahn. However, the author of the Secret Code Breaker books, Robert Reynard, also relied a great deal on the following list of books for background, historical facts and other descriptions of events. Many were the source of the actual secret messages that are a unique feature of the Secret Code Breaker books and computer programs. These listed books are recommended for reading for those interested in history, secret intelligence and cryptography.

The American Black Chamber, Herbert O. Yardley.
Best Kept Secret, John Bryden.
Code Breaker in the Far East, Alan Stripp.
British Inteligence in the Second World War, F. H. Hinsley.
Classical Cryptography Course, Vol. I & II, Randall K. Nichols
Codes & Ciphers, Christina Ashton.
Codes, Ciphers and Secret Writing, Martin Gardner.
The Codebreakers, David Kahn.
Cryptography the Science of Secret Writing, Laurence D. Smith.
Encylopedia of Cryptology, David E. Newton.
Espionage, Ernest Volkman.
The Guiness Book of Espionage, Mark Lloyd.
Hitler’s Spies, David Kahn.
Killer Spy, Peter Mass.
Manual for the Solution of Military Ciphers, LtCol Parker Hitt.
MI5 MI6, R.G.Frant
Nightmover, David Wise.
The Secret Code Book, Helen Huckle.
Secret Messages, Jeff Hawtin.
The Secret War for the Union, Edwin C. Fishel.
Seizing the Enigma, David Kahn.
Spy Catcher, Peter Wright.
SOE The Special Operations Executive 1940-1945, M.D.R.Foot
Spying for America, Nathan Miller.
The United States Navy in World War II, S.E. Smith.
Treason in the Blood, Anthony Cave Brown.
Venona – Soviet Espionage and the American Response 1939-1957, Benson & Warner, Editors.