PolyAlphabetic Cipher Program

The Polyalphabetic Cipher (often referred to as a Vigenère) uses a KEY which determines which letter in a cipher alphabet is used to create the ciphertext message. Normally, the cipher alphabet is 26 letters arranged alphabetically (a-z). This program can use a cipher alphabet of up to 39 characters and they can be arranged in any sequence desired. There is no limit to the number of characters in the KEY. It also allows a ‘codemaker’ to create a polyalphabetic cipher system of his own design and has a crib dragging function for cracking polyalphabetic ciphertext. The PolyAlphabetic Crypto Program is extremely flexible and a very useful crypto tool.

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Secret Code Breaker – PolyAlphabetic Cipher Program.
A Visual Basic program written by David Smith for Secret Code Breaker that can encrypt and decrypt secret messages using a 39 character cipher alphabet. Great for creating your own personal cipher system.

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The download is a Zip file. Requires IBM compatible computer, running Windows95 or above.
Currently no Macintosh version is available.