PS3 Cheat Codes

The Playstation 3 is Sony’s third generation home gaming console. Games are generally on a blu-ray format exclusive to the PS3 and allow for faster loading time and impressive graphics. As games progress so does the artificial intelligence of the games. Simply jumping on an enemy is not enough to finish it off. Cheat codes allow the user to gain an advantage in a video game. Cheat codes are entered in a variety of fashions.

Depending on the type of game, cheat codes are entered in a menu format. The user will input a cheat code and the player will be granted powers or bonus items. Typically the cheat code password will have some type of meaning or relation to the game or series of games. Other ways in which to input cheat codes is involved with specific button sequence while in-game. For instance the most famous cheat code is related to an older game Contra. While the game Contra is not playable on the PS3, every die hard fan has memorized the cheat code as, “Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Select Start”. After the successful input of this sequence, the player is granted a cheat code for additional lives. Some games have actual places to input cheat codes while in-game as a combination of the previously mentioned menu input and button sequence combination. The PS3 game Grand Theft Auto 4 allows the player to access a cheat code through their in-game character’s mobile phone. The player inputs a button sequence via a menu type format and is granted access one of numerous cheats.

There are many places to access cheat codes. The most popular forum for accessing cheat codes is The player can access updated cheat codes submitted by fellow gamers. There are some consequences to using cheat codes. Some programmers allow cheat codes in order for gamers that have played through the video game to replay with a certain advantage. For games such as Star Wars, the programmers will not allow a gamer to save their progress once a cheat code is used. Although a cheat code is named as a “cheat” it is really a means to enhance a video game and reward a video gamer for hard work.