Secret Code Breaker II

Open SECRET CODE BREAKER II and enter the world of secrets and spies. Author and cryptology enthusiast Bob Reynard takes you across the globe and through the centuries to discover the methods used by kings, generals and presidents to “safeguard” their countries’ secrets. The computer programs on the disk that comes with this book will enable you to read those secrets as you learn to encipher and decipher REAL messages sent by REAL secret agents during times of war.

Secret Code Breaker II


  • New Codebreaker II Program with added features
  • Crack Enigma coded messages with the Bombe program
  • More code cracker programs…
  • Mexican Army Cipher – German Grilles – American Larrabee
  • 34 Secret Code Message examples
  • 16 Real Secret Messages to crack

Only $9.95 including software
Software comes on 3 1/2″ diskette unless a CD is requested

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