Secret Code Breaker III

Author and cryptology enthusiast Bob Reynard presents NEW STORIES and DIFFERENT CODES in a look at the historical use of codes in America in this “Secret Code Breaker” book. Inside, you’ll find the coding methods used in wartimes spanning the United States’ 200-year history. The computer programs on the disk that comes with this book will enable you to read the secrets hidden in REAL messages sent by REAL agents throughout American history.

Secret Code Breaker III


  • Revolutionary War Dictionary Code
  • Civil War Transposition Code
  • Checkerboard Superencipher Cracker Program
  • SIGABA and KL-7 Cipher Machine Simulators
  • Cracker for VENONA Secret Messages
  • 15 Secret Code Message examples
  • 35 Real Secret Messages to crack

Only $9.95 including software
Software comes on 3 1/2″ diskette unless a CD is requested

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