Word Pattern Program

Secret Code Breaker Word Pattern Program. – This is a FREE Zip file download that contains a Windows program (Instructions can be found in the Help menu) and a set of Word Pattern files for words up to 19 letters long. The program performs word look-ups based on the letter pattern of monoalphabetic encryption. There is also a ‘crib’ function for cases in which one or more letters of the unknown word are known, thus narrowing down the possibile results. This program is a useful tool for the manual breaking of monoalphabetic ciphertext (Cryptograms). The SCB Word Pattern Program is extremely easy to use and contains a Word List creation program which allows it to be adapted for use with languages other than English.

Download Your FREE Secret Code Breaker – Word Pattern Program

A Windows program written by Christopher Patucci for Secret Code Breaker that can look-up words based on the letter pattern of 2 – 19 letter words and also create word list files of languages other than English. It is a different program than any of the codebreaker programs that come on the diskette included with “Secret Code Breaker – A Cryptanalyst’s Handbook” series.

The download is a Zip file. Requires IBM compatible computer, running Windows95 or above.
Currently no Macintosh version is available.