Secret Code Breaker

These pages contain small excerpts from the Secret Code Breaker series of publications. This series of cryptography publications for young readers provide detailed instructions explaining how to “crack” secret codes and ciphers for beginning cryptanalysts. Included are computer programs for code breaking and a series of coded secret messages actually sent by secret agents, spies and military commanders beginning with the Revolutionary War to the present including messages from the CIA “mole” Aldrich Ames to the KGB.

Secret Code Breaker Book Series

There are four books in the Secret Code Breaker book series. Each of the books includes a CD with many programs for using the ciphers described in the books.

Secret Codes

Learn all about secret codes including Caesar Ciphers, AutoKey Ciphers, and Monoalphabetic Substituion Ciphers. Online and downloadable solvers are provided for many of the common ciphers.

Secret Codes in History

Discover which codes have been used throughout history. Most of the information in this section is excerpted from the Secret Code Breaker series of books.

Secret Code Videos

Watch informative videos that reveal the history of secret codes during war times.