QR Codes

QR codes, also known as quick response codes, are a type of barcode that uses a matrix. They have become wildly popular with the advent of smartphones and are widely used in advertisements. The code consists of black square dots arranged in a square, usually with a plan white background. The type of data contained in a QR code, once decoded, is usually alphanumeric.

There are several uses of QR codes that are commonly used today. Although QR codes were originally used and designed for use in a manufacturing setting, they are now used extensively in advertising to send smartphone users to websites. This is because modern smartphones have the capability to read QR codes and follow URLs if they are present in the QR code. However a URL, or URI, is not the only thing that a QR code can be used to do with a mobile phone. They can also be used to launch applications, send text messages, compose emails, add vCards to contact lists, link to applications, and several other functions.

Example of a QR code that directs smartphone users to secretcodebreaker.com

Here are several other ways that QR codes are being used right now in advertising campaigns:

  • Use QR codes to send potential customers coupons or discount codes. They can also be used to inform customers about potential discount and sale events.
  • Use a QR code to direct customers to a giveaway of some sort.
  • Direct customers to your website.
  • Direct visitors to your application, so they can download it.